Child well-being in four charts

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has a monster report out on the state of child well-being in the US, measuring across states and on a variety of dimensions from poverty to health to treatment of juvenile delinquents

By Dylan Matthews July 25, 2012

The state of Medicaid (in charts!)

A new report has pretty much everything you want to know about state Medicaid financing: Why it's so expense, what other state programs it edges out - and why states keep participating anyway.

By Sarah Kliff July 17, 2012

The world’s billionaires (in one chart)

In June, we had the pleasure of publishing Ruchir Sharma's article on what a country's billionaires tell you about its future economic prospects. Since the piece ran, I've gotten a number of requests from people looking for the accompanying graphic. So here it is.

By Ezra Klein July 5, 2012