What we have here is a failure to communicate

One problem is Washington is that the two parties have genuine disagreements. Another problem is that they have areas of agreement that they don't always know about.

By Ezra Klein March 1, 2013

Can Obama’s second term make good on his first?

President Obama begins his second term confronting a familiar and frustrating incongruity: the gap between how much he has changed and how little about the country seems different.

By Ezra Klein January 25, 2013

The case for deficit optimism

Here’s a secret: For all the sound and fury, Washington’s actually making real progress on debt.

By Ezra Klein January 20, 2013

After ‘the end of big government liberalism’

The progressive project of building a decent welfare state is giving way to the more technocratic work of financing and managing it. How government is run, more than what exactly it does, seems set to be the main battleground of American politics in coming years.

By Ezra Klein January 18, 2013

Goodbye and good riddance, 112th Congress

The 112th Congress was the least productive, least popular, most dysfunctional congress in memory. About the only good thing we can say about them is that they're done.

By Ezra Klein January 4, 2013

Special topics in budget physics

Measuring the deficit-reduction in any given budget deals is a frustrating exercise in a subspecialty of physics known as budget relativity. It's also probably a mug's game.

By Ezra Klein December 21, 2012

A better target for gun control

"Figuring out how to prevent the next gun massacre (or specifically the next gun massacre at a school) is a classic case of solving the wrong problem," wrote Mark Kleiman. "The right problem is gun homicide generally, or homicide generally."

By Ezra Klein December 18, 2012

A smarter Republican agenda on Medicare

For reasons of confusion and expediency, the Republicans in the budget are focusing on some very crude cuts to medicare. So I asked some Republicans health-care experts to suggest better ones.

By Ezra Klein December 14, 2012