Why do people hate deficits?

It's far from obvious why people care about balancing the budget. So what are the most common reasons given?

By Dylan Matthews April 8, 2013

The problem with Alan Simpson

Alan Simpson's style might work among the Washington establishment, but it's holding back his cause.

By Ezra Klein February 20, 2013

Deficit spending is progressive

Deficit reduction would save everyone money on interest payments, but the rich would get the biggest break by far.

By Dylan Matthews October 2, 2012


Monetary policy, Zelda, and other stories we missed.

By Dylan Matthews August 2, 2012

Tax group: No, the real price tag for Obama’s tax plan is $243 billion

Citizens for Tax Justice points out that the White House's $150 billion price tag on Obama's one-year tax cut extension only appears to include part of the total cost—the income tax cuts. Obama's own 2013 budget includes a permanent fix to the Alternative Minimum Tax and some relief from scheduled estate tax hikes, which are both separate from the standard income tax. Adding these in would add $80 billion to the total.