The economy vs. the president

President Obama's speech last night took place in a world where the jobs crisis didn't exist. But today's jobs report reveals a country where the jobs crisis is very much ongoing, and where the agenda the president laid out in Charlotte is clearly insufficient.

By Ezra Klein September 7, 2012

President Obama’s agenda: A return to political normalcy

What President Obama offered the country on the final night of the Democratic convention was reminiscent of what offered Warren G. Harding offered almost a century ago: A return to normalcy after a long period of emergency.

By Ezra Klein September 6, 2012

Obama’s “goals for America”

Early excerpts from President Obama's speech tonight includes a look at the agenda he's laying out for his second term.

By Ezra Klein September 6, 2012

For politicians, talking policy works

What was different about Clinton's speech -- what's always been different about his speeches -- is that Clinton trusts the American people to care about the issues enough to listen to a detailed explanation of them. And the American people, in return, trust Clinton to explain the issues.

By Ezra Klein September 6, 2012

Is Obama’s $4 trillion deficit-reduction plan for real?

Responding to Bill Clinton's speech, my colleague Glenn Kessler takes aim at the White House's deficit reduction and jobs plans. There are problems in both, but I'm not sure they're the problems Glenn points out.

By Ezra Klein September 6, 2012

Bill Clinton: wonk-in-chief

"People ask me all the time how we delivered four surplus budgets," former President Bill Clinton said. "What new ideas did we bring? I always give a one-word answer: arithmetic." That's also the one-word answer to what Clinton brought to his convention speech.

By Ezra Klein September 6, 2012

Democrats don’t want to go back to Clinton-era rates

Bill Clinton will deliver tonight’s keynote speech at the Democratic Convention. That means you can expect to hear a lot of Democrats say some version of the following: “What’s so bad about going back to the Clinton-era tax rates?” But most Democrats -- including President Obama -- do not want to go back to the Clinton-era tax code.

By Ezra Klein September 5, 2012

The night Democrats reclaimed “Obamacare”

If the first night of the Democratic Convention is to be remembered for anything, it will probably be remembered as the night that Democrats stood up and began fighting for their health-care law.

By Ezra Klein September 4, 2012

How Democrats have shifted on climate, energy since 2008

The backdrop for energy and environmental debates has shifted markedly in the past four years. And Democrats have shifted their position as well. A comparison of the 2008 and 2012 party platforms reveals that Democrats are a bit quieter about climate change and more ambivalent about fossil fuels this year.