How far Obama’s message on climate change has come

He wasn't always so strong on the threat of climate change.

No, cheap oil prices probably won’t crash your 401(k)

But there may be some other downsides.

It’s official: 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history

Both NASA and NOAA agree: The planet just set an ominous new record.

The 4 smarter things Congress could be doing than voting on Keystone again

The last thing America actually needs is another Keystone debate. But there are really helpful things Congress could be doing instead to protect the environment and boost the economy.

This is why people still think they should idle their cars in winter

The U.S. government advises Americans not to idle their cars in winter. Many are doing it anyway.

2014 may set a new temperature record. So can we please stop claiming global warming has “stopped”?

Putting to rest the myth that global warming is "slowing down."

Oil just dipped below $50 per barrel. How much lower can it go?

We may find a bottom in the first half of 2015.

Our new pro-science pontiff: Pope Francis on climate change, evolution, and the Big Bang

How Pope Francis proves that science and religion don't have to be in conflict.

These New Year’s resolutions won’t just make you happier — they’ll lower your electricity bill

Sleeping, exercise, friends and hobbies are not just a good life choice, but a good energy choice.

Radiation from Fukushima is reaching the West Coast — but you don’t need to freak out

The radiation is well below levels deemed dangerous.

The biggest winter energy myth: That you need to idle your car before driving

Auto experts say you don’t need to idle your car to warm it up. Yet people keep doing it.

How solar power and electric cars could make suburban living awesome again

These new technologies, in combination, could shrink suburbanites' energy footprints down to city-size.

Why there are so many kooky conspiracy theories about oil

Vladimir Putin is trotting out conspiracy theories about oil prices. He’s not the first

The stunning decline in gas prices just broke a new record

AAA says prices have now plunged for longer than they did during the Great Recession.

These two states had the same basic information about fracking. They made very different decisions

New York banned fracking not because of science – but because of its absence.

The surprising link between things that make us happy and things that save energy

A happier, healthier life may also be better for the environment

The mesmerizing view of Christmas lights from space

New NASA images show how all around the world, cities increase their nighttime light usage during the holidays.

Scientists are worried Greenland might melt even faster than expected

New studies outline alarming new findings about the stability of the Greenland ice sheet.

Climate change is threatening the existence of the world’s most amazing bird

One Rufa red knot is known to have flown 400,000 miles in his life -- a distance equivalent to a trip to the moon and halfway back. Will there ever be another like him?

Oil just dropped below $60 per barrel. What’s going on?

Oil is going down, down, down.

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