Five reasons why the E.U. deserved the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize this year went to the European Union, which prompted cackles at a time when the EU, or at least its common currency, appears on the brink of collapse. But if you look past the snark, there's a strong case for giving it the prize.

By Dylan Matthews October 12, 2012

The scariest chart in the world today

Think of the euro zone as a single political body afflicted by a cancer. Greek bond yields are where the cancer began: It's bad, and if the cancer can't be beaten into submission, the euro zone might have to amputate Greece. That would be painful and horrible, but it can be done. Spanish bond yields are where we see whether the cancer has metastasized into the vital organs.

By Ezra Klein July 23, 2012

Was there an Icelandic miracle?

A somewhat esoteric debate has broken out between the Council on Foreign Relations' geoeconomics team and Paul Krugman.

By Dylan Matthews July 3, 2012