Wonkbook: There Europe goes again

Europe's a mess again, and for two main reasons. First, they haven't solved the mess. Second, the European Central Bank doesn't want to solve the mess. Meanwhile, in America...

By Ezra Klein September 27, 2012

Other countries don’t have a “47%”

It's usually conservatives like Mitt Romney you hear bemoaning the 47 percent who don't pay income taxes. But liberals who admire Europe should bemoan that number too.

By Dylan Matthews September 19, 2012

Can Mario Monti save Italy — and the euro?

Steven Pearlstein reports, from Rome, on the new paradox of European economic policy: There is no saving the euro without saving Italy, and there is no saving Italy without saving the euro. And both tasks fall in the lap of Mario Monti, Italy's new prime minister.

By Ezra Klein June 24, 2012