READ: Federal Reserve statement drops ‘can be patient’ phrase

Here's the full text of the FOMC statement released March 18.

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  • Mar 18, 2015

Main Street takes on monetary policy, Round 2

Demonstrators will meet with Fed Chair Janet Yellen this afternoon, armed with a list of demands aimed at prolonging central bank stimulus and increasing public input.

Good news! Interest rates will likely rise in 2015!

Top central bank officials say the moves are a sign of a stronger recovery -- not a reflection of a Fed out of firepower.

It’s Opposite Day for the hawks and doves at the Federal Reserve

It’s the hawks who are squawking about the labor market, while the doves are fussing over inflation.

Fed ends bond-buying, leaves guidance on rates unchanged

The Fed said that the economy is expanding at a “moderate” pace and described recent gains in hiring as “strong.”

Six charts on the shocking rise in inequality

This is how Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen looks at the world.

Why Fed Chair Janet Yellen is “greatly” concerned about growing inequality

But the Fed chief steered clear of saying whether the central bank is contributing to the divide

Will deflation fears prolong QE or delay the rate hike?

The Post talks to St. Louis Fed President James Bullard and Boston Fed President Eric S. Rosengren for their perspective.

How the Fed is trying to fill in the gaps of monetary policy

The central bank is using new programs to address the economy's most intractable problems from the ground level.

The Fed minutes: We read them so you don’t have to!

Officials grappled with new questions on familiar issues: low inflation and unemployment

Hiring rebounds in September; unemployment rate falls to 5.9 percent

The strength in hiring this year has been one of the clearest indications that the country is finally escaping the long shadow of the Great Recession.

The new mantra of Fed doves: Patience

The worst-case scenario is that an antsy Fed tries to lift off early — and fails to launch.

Fed hawk down: Head of Philadelphia Fed to retire in 2015

Plosser has argued that the Fed should soon start hiking its target for short-term interest rates to ensure the central bank has time to move gradually.

Wonkbook: The Federal Reserve has returned to being boring

Well, that was a bit underwhelming: No rate-guidance change.

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  • Sep 18, 2014

A short history of a “considerable time”

The phrase in the Federal Reserve’s official policy statement caused particular consternation during its gathering in Washington this week.

Federal Reserve details new exit strategy, keeps record-low rate

The central bank cuts bond-buying by $10 billion, will keep a key interest rate low "for a considerable time."

What to watch when the Fed meets this week

The central bank is nearing a milestone, and communicating its next steps could prove challenging.

What might actually be holding back workers’ wages

Maybe the real problem isn’t lack of growth. It’s that wages didn’t fall enough during the recession.

Central banks to lawmakers: You try growing the economy

After years of bold action following the global financial crisis, the world’s central bankers are ready to pass the baton.

Wonkbook: The quiet revolution in the world of central banking

There are generally dovish notes from central bankers' Jackson Hole meeting.

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  • Aug 25, 2014
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