Can Obama’s second term make good on his first?

President Obama begins his second term confronting a familiar and frustrating incongruity: the gap between how much he has changed and how little about the country seems different.

By Ezra Klein January 25, 2013

Wonkbook: FinReg fail

In 2008, after Lehman fell, a major money-market fund "broke the buck." Many experts say this was perhaps the key event in the global financial panic that followed. Today? The money-market funds are successfully beating back attempts to regulate them.

By Ezra Klein August 24, 2012

Would Paul Ryan break up the big banks?

On several occasions, Paul Ryan has suggested he supports breaking up the nation’s largest banks to prevent future bailouts for too-big-to-fail firms. But he's never quite proposed a policy to get there.

By Danielle Douglas August 15, 2012

Dodd-Frank turns two this week. Look how it’s grown!

This infographic from the law firm David Polk shows how big Dodd-Frank is getting -- and how much bigger it's likely to get. Plus: Does Lloyd Blankfein's qualified endorsement make you trust the law more or less?

By Ezra Klein July 19, 2012