Yes, House Republicans supported the fiscal cliff deal

Don't be fooled by the final vote count. The real vote was when Boehner asked his members whether he should bring the bill to the floor unamended, knowing the Democrats would provide enough votes for it to pass.

By Ezra Klein January 4, 2013

Calm down, liberals. The White House won.

The left is genuinely disappointed in the deal the White House struck, while some of the right's smartest thinkers are ecstatic. They're both wrong.

By Ezra Klein January 2, 2013

Get used to more fiscal cliffs

The fiscal cliff is over, but the battle over longer-term U.S. fiscal policy has just begun.

By Neil Irwin January 2, 2013

Everything is Terrible

Here's the awful, embarrassing story of the fiscal cliff in GIFs and graphs.

By Dylan Matthews January 2, 2013

The lessons of the fiscal cliff

The conventional wisdom goes something like this: The White House can't negotiate. House Republicans can't be reasoned with. But the fiscal cliff showed the truth is more complicated.

By Ezra Klein January 2, 2013