Why Tim Geithner is wrong on homeowner debt relief

The evidence is pretty clear: an aggressive bold attack on household debt would have significantly reduced the horrible impact of the Great Recession on Americans.

  • Atif Mian, Amir Sufi
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  • Economy
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  • May 14, 2014

After 7-hour meeting, it’s on: Richmond sticks with its plan to seize mortgages through eminent domain

Ominous signs from the bond market and a lawsuit from Wells Fargo fail to derail a novel strategy for preventing foreclosures.

How a $134 tax bill got an elderly Vietnam vet evicted

How the D.C. government and investors are using tax liens to make money while forcing hundreds from their homes.

  • Dylan Matthews
  • ·
  • Sep 9, 2013

Study: After foreclosure, families take a decade or more to buy another house

Foreclosed-upon homeowners take over a decade to get back into the market, even when they had great credit to start out.

  • Dylan Matthews
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  • Nov 14, 2012