Congress, today is your fault

Gridlock doesn't mean nothing moves. It means that American policy ends up taking some unusual detours.

By Ezra Klein June 25, 2013

What we have here is a failure to communicate

One problem is Washington is that the two parties have genuine disagreements. Another problem is that they have areas of agreement that they don't always know about.

By Ezra Klein March 1, 2013

Poll: Americans are over divided government

Typically, polls show that Americans prefer divided government to single-party government. As the thinking goes, voters are skeptical of both parties, and feel better knowing neither Democrats nor Republicans have that much power. But the polls aren't showing that anymore.

By Ezra Klein October 1, 2012

Debates don’t lead to deals

When I talk to legislators, I tend to hear some variation of the following: "This is a choice election. The American people are getting two very different visions and they're going to pick one of them." My standard follow-up question is, "if you think this is a choice election, will you let the other side govern if they win?" No one has ever said yes.

By Ezra Klein August 23, 2012

When Congress fails

The metaphor we tend to use for congressional dysfunction is "gridlock." When you have gridlock, nothing moves. But that's not quite what we've seen. When Congress grinds to a halt, other governmental actors step into the breach.

By Ezra Klein July 26, 2012