After quitting tobacco, CVS makes its next health-care moves

Tobacco sales are ending a month early, as the company rebrands.

Why immigrants are the best thing that happened to Medicare

Immigrants contributed more than $180 billion to Medicare between 1996 and 2011. Everyone else cost it $70 billion.

The U.S. spends $15B a year to train doctors, but we don’t know what we get in return

Experts say we need a better plan for raising the next generation of doctors.

Medicare isn’t going broke, but don’t celebrate just yet

The program's fiscal health is improving. Just how long that can last is still anyone's guess.

After five years of slower growth, health-care spending will pick up again

But we're not going back to the health-care spending explosion of the 1990s, a new report says.

Bad medicine: The awful drug reactions Americans report

New FDA data paint a scary picture of what happens when drugs don't work.

Further evidence of how weird hospital pricing is

Price increases for basic services vary wildly, according to new Medicare data.

How an $84,000 drug is sparking a new health-care debate

A new hepatitis C treatment is drawing attention to the high cost of specialty drugs.

The dramatic shift in heroin use in the past 50 years: Whiter, more suburban

New research explains how the drug moved out of the inner city.

Hospitals see blue-red divide early into Obamacare’s coverage expansion

Hospitals find Medicaid admissions are up and uninsured visits are down in states with expanded Medicaid programs.

Hospitals are cutting down on their deadly mistakes, HHS says

New department data show fewer hospital-acquired conditions and fewer return trips to the hospital.

Obama’s former Medicare chief on why he wants to bring single-payer to Massachusetts

More than two years after leaving Washington, Don Berwick is running for governor on a single-payer platform.

Workers would rather save up for retirement than pay for health care

People are more willing to gamble with their health than their retirement, a new study finds.

Health care’s $85 billion challenge – uncompensated care in the Obamacare age

Providers faced $85 billion in charity care in 2013, and government support is expected to drop as more gain coverage.

Obamacare’s Hispanic enrollment is low, new HHS report shows

With a high uninsured rate and a younger population, Hispanics are seen as a key enrollment demographic.

The Obamacare change that’s unpopular in blue states

State exchanges and HHS can't agree on who should allow exemptions from the individual mandate.

They signed up for Obamacare. Now, how to keep them enrolled?

Will the newly insured keep paying their premiums, and will they come back for a second year?

The health-care debate hasn’t changed in 20 years, new Clinton documents show

Memos from the Clinton White House echo the current administration's Obamacare challenges.

As Obamacare hits enrollment milestone, some call for cheaper plans

Some have recently suggested a cheaper option could bring more healthy people into the program.

Are Obamacare subsidies now in jeopardy?

A federal appellate court seems split on whether Obamacare allows subsidies in federal-run exchanges.

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