Another conservative governor finds a way to expand Medicaid

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will use an existing state plan favored by conservatives to boost coverage.

One health insurer wants to cut rates 6.8 percent. Another wants to hike them 26 percent. What gives?

With limited 2014 data, pricing 2015 health plans is going to be a challenge.

Hospitals are cutting down on their deadly mistakes, HHS says

New department data show fewer hospital-acquired conditions and fewer return trips to the hospital.

The last-minute Obamacare shoppers were bargain hunters

People signing up before the deadline went for cheaper health plans.

The Obamacare change that’s unpopular in blue states

State exchanges and HHS can't agree on who should allow exemptions from the individual mandate.

Why the uninsured are sitting out Obamacare

New surveys show that cost played a major role in the decision to skip coverage.

Following Sebelius phone call, foundation donated $13M to Obamacare outreach group, report says

A new government audit provides details on the secretary's efforts to boost Enroll America.

Here are the biggest problems for Obamacare’s next leader

If confirmed as HHS secretary, Sylvia Mathews Burwell faces no shortage of ACA challenges

Obama administration reverses proposed cut to Medicare plans

Medicare says that private insurers will see a small increase next year, instead of a cut.

Facing Obamacare deadline, more young people signed up in March

Some states report an increase in youth enrollment. But was it enough?

Obamacare enrollment is almost over. What just happened?

Here's everything you need to know about the last six months of the ACA and what's ahead.

Young adults signing up at higher rates off Obamacare exchanges

The enrollment data provides a snapshot of how some customers are shopping for insurance away from Obamacare exchanges.

This guy knew when Obamacare enrollment would hit 5M before anyone else. Now he’s predicting 6.2M.

A self-described numbers geek says enrollments will have a huge spike in March.

Maryland’s ACA enrollment extension could be a sign of things to come

Maryland residents who struggled to enroll by March 31 will get some more time.

Would you sign up for Obamacare if your mom asked you through Tinder?

The effort to sign up young people is taking different forms.

Obamacare was supposed to make insurance markets more competitive. Has it?

Some states have seen increased competition, while others have seen insurers strengthen their hold on insurance markets, a new analysis finds.

Obama administration wants fewer people to get insurance cancellation notices

Following political backlash over cancellations, HHS says it is looking to reduce "unnecessary" terminations of coverage.

White House orders broader Obamacare health plans in 2015

The Obama administration is requiring health plans in Obamacare insurance marketplaces to include a more robust offering of health care providers in 2015

HHS will let sickest patients stay on their health plans longer

Instead of closing this month, the federal high-risk pools will stay open through April.

Understanding the latest fight over the individual mandate

The GOP argues that virtually anyone can be exempted, but the administration says the carve out is much more limited.

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