Black and Latino working families are twice as likely as others to be low-income

New report says state governments should do more to close the growing gaps separating working families of different races.

Is the American middle class doing better than we think?

A veteran researcher argues that a fuller look at the data offers a more hopeful view.

Six charts on the shocking rise in inequality

This is how Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen looks at the world.

Why Fed Chair Janet Yellen is “greatly” concerned about growing inequality

But the Fed chief steered clear of saying whether the central bank is contributing to the divide

How the Fed is trying to fill in the gaps of monetary policy

The central bank is using new programs to address the economy's most intractable problems from the ground level.

One in four Americans think poor people don’t work hard enough

America's long held infatuation with hard work might be eating into its understanding of inequality.

The pay gap between CEOs and workers is much worse than you realize

Americans might think they know how bad inequality is, but it turns out they have no idea.

America’s growing food inequality problem

Income inequality isn't the only gap the U.S. needs to mind these days.

Wonkbook: How Paul Ryan’s new plan changes the anti-poverty debate

Paul Ryan just lit a spark in the poverty debate.

  • Puneet Kollipara
  • ·
  • Wonkbook
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  • Jul 25, 2014
  • ·

The great American Hispanic wealth gap

America's Hispanic population might offer one of the clearest examples of wealth inequality in the U.S..

Greg Mankiw’s awful defense of trickle-down inheritances

The Harvard professor thinks we shouldn't worry about inherited wealth, because it will eventually trickle down.

Piketty’s ‘errors’ aren’t mistakes: They’re questions, and he answered them

After the Financial Times alleged that they found errors in his book "Capital," Piketty responds

4 ways to stop the U.S. from becoming a Piketty-style oligarchy

Here's how we got here, and four things we can to do stop it from getting worse.

These four charts show how the SAT favors rich, educated families

The College Board announced today that it is overhauling the SAT, dropping the timed essay and focusing less on fancy vocabulary in order to level the playing field a bit for high school students from a wider range of families. Here are four charts that show how the SAT advantages demographic groups.

Forbes says Bill Gates is the richest person in the world. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Forbes is out with its new billionaires list, and Bill Gates is at the top of it. Here's why he's not really the richest man in the world.

Communists have seized the IMF!

A new paper from the IMF makes the case for quasi-socialist policies -- or at least a lot more redistribution of income.

Didn’t get a raise last year? Go smash some computers.

Leading economists believe that, by a wide margin, advancing technology has not reduced employment in the United States. There's less agreement about whether tech is holding down wages or fueling inequality.

Here’s proof that making money makes you more right-wing and less egalitarian

Now two researchers from the United Kingdom say they have proved that money makes you more conservative and less egalitarian.

Who was the richest man in all of history?

A noted inequality researcher comes up with a back-of-the-napkin way to calculate the richest man in history.

Obama won’t talk about the biggest thing he’s done to fix inequality: Raise taxes

Other initiatives may help close the gap over time. This one's in effect right now.

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