Texas wants its gold back! Wait, what?

Texas's desire to return some of its gold from the New York Fed is a window into the strange role the yellow metal plays in the financial world.

By Neil Irwin March 26, 2013

Volcker biographer: Bernanke needs to embrace lessons of 1970s

"The 1970s delivered two important messages. First, we can’t get a permanent reduction in unemployment by inflating. It doesn’t work. And second, we’ve got to worry about inflation even with unemployed resources. Waiting until we see a clear and present danger is too late."

By Neil Irwin September 25, 2012

The Clinton economy, in charts

Former president Bill Clinton is speaking at the Democratic National Convention tonight, and is sure to spark a lot of commentary about the contrast between the economic boom times of the Clinton administration and the stop and start recovery of the past four years. But what actually was Clinton's economic record?

By Dylan Matthews September 5, 2012

The trends behind Romney’s numbers

Romney didn't lie last night. Every one of his claims was true as he phrased it. But a viewer could be forgiven for thinking that poverty and inflation have been at unprecedented highs under Obama. They haven't.

By Dylan Matthews August 31, 2012