Why we’re facing a McJob recovery

New research shows that the destruction of middle-wage employment happens almost entirely during recessions, which tends to kill these jobs without bringing them back.

The politicians-are-failing theory of unemployment

Watching the Republican and Democratic conventions, you might have thought there was nothing the two parties could agree on. But you’d be wrong. They have adopted the same theory of unemployment. The only problem? That theory is wrong.

By Ezra Klein September 11, 2012

Are the unemployed looking for work in all the wrong places?

It's what economists describe as as a "mismatch" between job openings and those seeking unemployment, and some argue that it's responsible for why so many are unemployed. If those seeking realigned their expectations, got more training, or were simply willing and able to move to a different state for work, then we could bring down unemployment to more reasonable levels. But a new study shows that mismatch would lower the rate by one-third, at best.

ADP says the private-sector added 176,000 jobs in June. Can we trust it?

So the ADP payroll survey -- a closely watched estimate of private-sector job growth -- came in a lot better than expected. ADP says the private-sector added 176,000 jobs on June. That's well above the 100,000 economists were predicting. And it's vastly better than the 69,000 we added in May. Is ADP right? We...don't know. But they're usually more right than wrong.

By Ezra Klein July 5, 2012