The best Halloween songs in the history of everything

Happy Halloween, Wonks! Here are Wonkblog's top five songs for the holiday. Spooky, scary!

This might be the best-ever Obamacare ad

What better way to sell young people on purchasing health insurance than with Johnny Knoxville exploring all the ways that young people can hurt themselves?

Cute animals are promoting Obamacare. Colbert is not amused.

Cute animals are promoting Obamacare. Colbert is not amused.

The Fed says no taper. We say more tapirs!

Don't worry, little pig-like mammal, the Federal Reserve says its nothing personal.

This half-naked man would like to be Minneapolis’ mayor

Introducing mayoral candidate Jeffrey Alan Wagner.

Lisa Frank is a real person, and her company has a totally bizarre headquarters

Of course the Lisa Frank headquarters has a dancing rainbow bear to greet visitors.

Surgery time for teddy bears

Ze Frank repairs Teddy's courage, kidney crayons, and more!

Cat meowing under water surprisingly hilarious

"Why wouldn't you lift your face up?"

Librarians recreate the ‘Sabotage’ video. All is right in the world.

Spike Jonze's classic Beastie Boys video gets a librarial treatment.

This could be the worst college football dance ever

"The NCAA should sanction Oregon State for creating this. A twenty year bowl ban would be understandable. This is horrible."

Watch Martin Luther King Jr. go on “Meet the Press” in 1963

This is a fascinating flashback from NBC.

Sneezing baby panda now a thing we can look forward to

This is probably the greatest baby panda video of all time.

Seven minutes of pure, unadulterated otter

Otters gotta otter.

Here’s what it’s like to fly over the Arctic all day

A look inside NASA's Operation Icebridge. Useful data, stunning views.

The most stressful game of Tetris ever

"Let me humbly submit that this may be the greatest achievement in the history of gaming. This won't make national news. But to be honest, it should."

Here’s a decapitated snake head attacking its own body

Someone had to post the creepiest Lunch Break of all time, so...

This compilation of 2013′s best Vines finally makes me understand Vines

Youtube user Eric S has pulled together 11 minutes and 37 seconds worth of the best Vine vidoes of 2013.

Get excited, Washington: There are two new tiger cubs at the zoo!

The National Zoo's latest additions were born Monday evening. Let's take a look!

Here’s a live cam of baby penguins

A very delightful mid-afternoon distraction.

This is what it’s like to nearly get eaten by a whale

So what would happen if a humpback whale did try to eat you?

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