This is what sane marijuana enforcement looks like — in one tweet

How Denver police are spreading the word about marijuana enforcement on social media.

How marijuana legalizers are winning the battle for hearts and minds

And other findings from a new Pew poll.

In key swing states, weed is polling better than all potential 2016 candidates

Swing state voters like marijuana better than Clinton, Bush or Paul -- or anyone else, for that matter.

West Virginia is the capital of mind-altering drug use

Move over, California: Mood-altering drug use is highest in the South

After legalization, Colorado pot arrests plunge

Marijuana arrests have fallen by 95% in Colorado, but some racial disparities still remain.

Facing budget pressures, the DEA is pulling up less weed

The DEA's marijuana eradication program faces shrinking funds and changing attitudes.

Zero-tolerance school drug policies only make drug use worse, a study finds

Don't suspend kids caught with drugs -- talk to them instead.

On marijuana, Obama is content to evolve rather than to lead the way

28 states have already reformed their marijuana laws -- what's he waiting for?

Virginia school suspends an 11-year-old for one year over a leaf that wasn’t marijuana

A Virginia 6th grader was suspended for bringing pot to school -- even though authorities know he didn't.

After losing at the ballot box, marijuana opponents make a hail mary pass to the courts

Drug warriors take their grievances to the courts.

The Senate marijuana reform bill would bring federal policy in line with medical research

Half the country already has medical marijuana. Three senators want Congress to catch up.

A majority favors marijuana legalization for first time, according to nation’s most authoritative survey

It's clear a majority of Americans support legalization of marijuana.

Two headlines perfectly sum up everything wrong with American drug policy

It's hard to see how justice is being served here.

DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana

Who will think of the bunnies?

Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers say

New study: We should stop fighting marijuana legalization and focus on alcohol and tobacco instead

Potent weed is worse for you than the mild stuff — and it’s hard to find anything else these days

Milder strains of marijuana, even when used heavily, don't appear to carry any increased risk of psychosis.

Colorado’s legal weed market: $700 million in sales last year, $1 billion by 2016

Medical and recreational sales generated $63 million in tax revenue.

It’s official: Twitter loves #weed

People tweet about it nearly 8 million times a month.

Watch rapper 2 Chainz demolish Nancy Grace’s argument against marijuana legalization

Grace has elevated the practice of confusing anecdote with data to an art.

More adults are using weed in the states that legalized, but teen use is flat

Charted: A decade of marijuana use in all 50 states

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