The trick Washington is using to cut Social Security and Medicare

Politicians who are unwilling or unable to offer a persuasive political or policy rationale for cutting Social Security benefits are instead hiding behind a technocratic rationale. We're not "cutting benefits," we're "correcting our inflation measure."

By Ezra Klein December 18, 2012

A smarter Republican agenda on Medicare

For reasons of confusion and expediency, the Republicans in the budget are focusing on some very crude cuts to medicare. So I asked some Republicans health-care experts to suggest better ones.

By Ezra Klein December 14, 2012

The GOP’s Medicare confusion

The problem in the austerity crisis talks isn't that Democrats are refusing the GOP's proposed Medicare cuts. It's that Republicans are refusing to name their Medicare cuts. And that's because they genuinely don't know what they want to do on Medicare.

By Ezra Klein November 29, 2012

How insurers could game Medicare vouchers

In every single year from 1999 to 2008, the Medicare beneficiaries switching out of the private plans and back into traditional Medicare were sicker and more expensive than the beneficiaries who stayed in Medicare Advantage's private plans. That suggests those private plans are somehow pushing them out.

By Ezra Klein October 25, 2012

Paul Ryan’s magic budget caps

The only way Paul Ryan can make his budget numbers add up is by instructing Congress's budget referees to assume his plans will work. But he's not the only politician to use this trick.

By Ezra Klein September 27, 2012

Ryan vs. Obama: Who protects Medicare more?

Social Security and that annoying guy from college aren't the only ones with a trust fund - Medicare has one too. So how does it work, and how does it change under the Affordable Care Act and Ryan's budget?

By Dylan Matthews August 23, 2012

Introducing Ad Watch

We at Wonkblog thought it'd be worthwhile to highlight new videos and check how accurate the candidates and third party groups are being about the policies being debated.

By Dylan Matthews August 20, 2012

Paul Ryan’s budget keeps Obama’s Medicare cuts. Full stop.

Since the Romney campaign wants to run against President Obama's cuts to Medicare, it's something of a problem for them that Paul Ryan's budget includes those very same cuts to Medicare. And so they've come up with a somewhat confused and confusing argument to distinguish the two plans.

By Ezra Klein August 14, 2012

The Republican ticket’s big Medicare myth

It's a conservative myth that the White House hasn't put forward a Medicare reform plan. What that line really means is that White House hasn't put forward some variant of Paul Ryan's plan. But they've put forward their own.

By Ezra Klein August 13, 2012