The GOP’s problem: The cuts they want aren’t the cuts they can get

Think back to Mitt Romney's proposed budget. The only big cuts Romney ever proposed were to programs that aid the poor. Paul Ryan's budget was similar, though less extreme. But the White House won't even consider those cuts. And so the GOP is a bit lost.

By Ezra Klein December 13, 2012

‘Romney is Wall Street’s worst bet since the bet on subprime’

Chrystia Freeland: "There’s a great joke on Wall Street which is that the bet on Romney is Wall Street’s worst bet since the bet on subprime...The big Romney backers I was talking to were sure he was going to win. They were all flying into Logan airport for the victory party. There’s this stunned feeling of how could we be so wrong, and a feeling of alienation."

By Ezra Klein November 28, 2012

Don’t blame Romney’s message

A campaign's message isn't some free-floating concept unmoored from reality or strategic thinking. Messages are tied down by circumstance. And the attacks on Mitt Romney's messaging forget why he adopted the message he ultimately did.

By Ezra Klein November 8, 2012

First, assume a Democratic Senate …

The moderate Republicans endorsing Romney have been clinging to the same premise. "Let's assume we have a Democratic Senate," they begin.

By Ezra Klein November 5, 2012

Why does Mitt Romney want to be president?

When we look at Mitt Romney’s career and see a coreless opportunist, we’re just looking at the wrong data. But what does looking at the right data actually tell us about why Romney wants to be president, and what kind of president he'd be?

By Ezra Klein November 4, 2012

INTERACTIVE: Make Mitt Romney’s tax plan add up!

Mitt Romney won't say how his tax plan adds up. Wonkblog created a tax policy calculator that lets you do the work for him. So go on, give it a try. Reform the tax code.

By Dylan Matthews and Ezra Klein October 31, 2012

Mitt Romney’s voodoo spending cuts

This shouldn’t need to be said, but spending cuts have consequences. If we're really going to cut 40 percent from all programs that aren't Medicare, Social Security, and defense, it's going to hurt.

By Ezra Klein October 30, 2012

Will Romney win the popular vote but lose the presidency?

It's time to just say this clearly: A straightforward read of the polls suggests we're likely to see Mitt Romney win the popular vote and Barack Obama win the electoral college -- and, thus, the presidency. But most pollsters don't think that will happen.

By Ezra Klein October 26, 2012

Who would Romney appoint to the Fed? Well, what does he want?

Will Romney make the choice that's most consistent with conservative orthodoxy and the bulk of his rhetoric over the last year? Or will he make the choice that's most consistent with a strong recovery as the deleveraging cycle plays itself out?

By Ezra Klein October 24, 2012

Mitt Romney’s George W. Bush problem

At Tuesday's debate, Mitt Romney had an opportunity to distance himself from George W. Bush once and for all. He didn't. In fact, he showed how close his policies are to Bush's 2000 platform.

By Ezra Klein October 19, 2012

Moderate Mitt isn’t so moderate

As the Republican party has moved to the right in recent years, so too has our standard for what counts as a moderate Republican. These days, if you’re willing to admit that President Obama was probably born in the United States, and that someone, somewhere, might occasionally have to pay taxes, then congratulations, you’re a moderate Republican!

By Ezra Klein October 8, 2012

Romney’s ‘pulling up the ladder behind him’

A fair read of his policies makes it clear that Romney wants to make it impossible for any state to follow Massachusetts’s example on health care -- and perhaps impossible for Massachusetts to keep the very plan Romney passed going.

By Ezra Klein October 5, 2012