Huge news out of the Federal Reserve

The Fed adopts the "Evans rule," committing to low rates until unemployment is below 6.5 percent or inflation is above 2.5 percent.

By Neil Irwin December 12, 2012

Who would Romney appoint to the Fed? Well, what does he want?

Will Romney make the choice that's most consistent with conservative orthodoxy and the bulk of his rhetoric over the last year? Or will he make the choice that's most consistent with a strong recovery as the deleveraging cycle plays itself out?

By Ezra Klein October 24, 2012

Here’s why everyone is so excited about what the Fed did yesterday

I want to explain why everyone is so excited about what the Federal Reserve did yesterday. But I want to do it without using the words "quantitative easing," because those words are almost designed to get you to give up and stop paying attention.

By Ezra Klein September 14, 2012

Ben Bernanke: The economy’s tough, older friend

The Federal Reserve's announcement today is a very big deal. Think of it this way: The Fed is like the economy's tough, older friend. And it just said it's going to be there to back the economy up, come what may.

By Ezra Klein September 13, 2012

The GOP has picked the wrong time to rediscover gold

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan created the Gold Commission. The purpose of the commission was to appease conservatives who wanted to see the country return to the gold standard. The conclusion of the Commission? That's a clown idea, bro.

By Ezra Klein August 24, 2012