Paul Ryan’s 2004 plan for the poor

Of the 71 bills Ryan has sponsored, only one is primarily designed to combat poverty. But that bill is pretty interesting.

By Dylan Matthews August 15, 2012

Does the Ryan budget really reduce the deficit?

If you assume Ryan's tax plan would not be paid for, then it only raises 15. 5 percent of GDP in revenues, and Ryan's plan is the single most fiscally irresponsible plan on the graph.

By Ezra Klein August 15, 2012

Would Paul Ryan break up the big banks?

On several occasions, Paul Ryan has suggested he supports breaking up the nation’s largest banks to prevent future bailouts for too-big-to-fail firms. But he's never quite proposed a policy to get there.

By Danielle Douglas August 15, 2012

Paul Ryan’s budget keeps Obama’s Medicare cuts. Full stop.

Since the Romney campaign wants to run against President Obama's cuts to Medicare, it's something of a problem for them that Paul Ryan's budget includes those very same cuts to Medicare. And so they've come up with a somewhat confused and confusing argument to distinguish the two plans.

By Ezra Klein August 14, 2012

The Republican ticket’s big Medicare myth

It's a conservative myth that the White House hasn't put forward a Medicare reform plan. What that line really means is that White House hasn't put forward some variant of Paul Ryan's plan. But they've put forward their own.

By Ezra Klein August 13, 2012

Wonkbook: Everything you need to know about Paul Ryan

Most Americans don't know much about Paul Ryan. Even some of Ryan's most ardent fans don't know much about his policies. So today, in Wonkbook, we've got the primer on Paul Ryan, his policies, and what he may or may not mean to the election. Read on for everything you need to know about the wonk from Wisconsin.

By Ezra Klein August 13, 2012

Paul Ryan isn’t a deficit hawk. He’s a conservative reformer.

If you know about Paul Ryan at all, you probably know him as a deficit hawk. But Ryan has voted to increase deficits and expand government spending too many times for that to be his north star. Rather, the common thread throughout his career is his desire to remake the basic architecture of the the federal government.

By Ezra Klein August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan’s non-budget policy record, in one post

If you've heard of Paul Ryan, you've heard of Paul Ryan's budget. But Ryan has been in the House of Representatives for fourteen years, and has proposed many, many others bills. Looking through the Library of Congress' records, by my count Ryan has sponsored 71 bills or amendments, and cosponsored 971 bills. That's a lot of legislation, and some of it is pretty interesting.

By Dylan Matthews August 11, 2012

Mitt Romney will name Paul Ryan as his VP. Here’s what that means.

You don't make a risky pick like Paul Ryan if you think the fundamentals favor your candidate. You make a risky pick like Paul Ryan if you think the fundamentals don't favor your candidate. And, right now, the numbers don't look good for Romney: Obama leads in the Real Clear Politics average of polls by more than four percentage points -- his largest lead since April.

By Ezra Klein August 11, 2012

Why do conservatives want Paul Ryan to be vice president?

With Paul Ryan on the ticket, Mitt Romney's loss will be conservatism's loss, too. And if Romney wins, then Ryan will a footsoldier in the Romney White House, not an independent power center pushing for conservative policies.

By Ezra Klein August 9, 2012