EXPLAINED: The nation’s retirement savings crisis, in two charts

We explain why the nation is facing a severe pension crisis -- in two charts.

  • Michael Fletcher
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  • Economy
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  • Feb 26, 2014

State pension obligations can be crushing. But corporate welfare costs more.

A new report finds that states often spend more on tax breaks and subsidies for businesses than funding their bloated pension plans.

401(k)s are replacing pensions. That’s making inequality worse.

When people have to choose to put away money for retirement, those without much will save less.

The government now assumes all pension promises will come true. That’s scary.

The government is suddenly assuming unfunded pension promises will come true. That makes America's retirement plan look better than it is.

Detroit’s pension problems, in one chart

Detroit currently owes $3.5 billion on its pension funds and can't pay. How did it reach this point?

  • Brad Plumer
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  • Jul 19, 2013

As coal industry declines, what will happen to all those retired miners?

The decline of coal has left hundreds of thousands of retired miners, many of them with severe ailments, at risk of losing their health and pension benefits.

  • Brad Plumer
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  • Mar 7, 2013
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