The origins of the policy gap

So why is the Romney campaign so unusually vague on policy? It's not the candidate himself. Romney is widely agreed to be more data-processing machine than man. Rather, it's the Republican Party, which has moved so far and so fast to the right that their policy apparatus hasn't been able to keep up, and much of what they want would horrify swing voters. These dynamics have pushed Romney into a kind of forced incoherence, where the only way to obscure the problems in the policy proposals the Republican base will accept is to hollow out the details that would permit them to be understood.

By Ezra Klein August 8, 2012

The massive policy gap between Obama and Romney

The central difficulty of trying to cover this presidential campaign is the continued existence of what we might call the policy gap. And the policy gap, put simply, is this: Obama has proposed policies. Mitt Romney hasn’t.

By Ezra Klein August 6, 2012