Where are the White House’s new voices?

Can it really be the case that after four very difficult years, there is nothing the White House would gain in its second term by bringing in outsiders with fresh experience, different relationships, and a new perspective to the economic team?

By Ezra Klein January 9, 2013

The Romney campaign’s biggest mistake in the election

I want you to look at two photographs, one of the crowd at Mitt Romney's concession speech, and one of the crowd at President Obama's victory rally. They show what happened in this election, and what's going to happen to the GOP in coming elections.

By Ezra Klein November 7, 2012

Obama’s second term: Change you can really believe in

President Obama's reelection isn't about hope and change. It's about change. And because Obamacare, Wall Street reform, and tax increases are already law, it's about change that you actually can believe in. Change that's pretty much guaranteed.

By Ezra Klein November 6, 2012