There’s no such thing as ‘the center’

When you're judging policy, "good" and "bad" make sense. So does "popular" and "unpopular," and "likely to pass" and "no chance." But "the center"? Not so much.

  • Ezra Klein
  • ·
  • Jul 25, 2013

How foreign voices influence American wars

In our analysis of network news coverage, foreigners were the sources of 34% of all anti-Iraq war statements that appeared on the air, and 65% of all of the anti-war statements.

Scientists agree on climate change. So why doesn’t everyone else?

Another day, another survey trying to quantify the expert consensus on climate change. So why don't these studies ever have an impact on public opinion?

  • Brad Plumer
  • ·
  • May 18, 2013

Gun owners vs. the NRA: What the polling shows

The NRA's views on gun control are at odds with those of a surprising number of gun owners themselves.