CBO: If nothing changes, we’re in for another recession

Usually the release of Congressional Budget Office economic and budget projections is as dull as that phrase makes it sound. But not these economic and budget projections, released today by the CBO.

By Dylan Matthews August 22, 2012

Education and the recession, continued

The central point of the Georgetown report, that the recession was much milder for people with bachelor's and advanced degrees, is correct, but it's correct because the economy always treats people with higher educational attainment better.

By Dylan Matthews August 17, 2012

College graduates’ non-recession

It's common knowledge by now that the recession has hit college graduates and non-graduates differently, but the size of the gap is dramatic.

By Dylan Matthews August 16, 2012

Corporations are saving more and paying less

The University of Chicago's Loukas Karabarbounis and Brent Neiman have an interesting new working paper documenting how corporations have used their money from 1975 to 2007. The short version: corporations started saving more of their income, and paying less of it out in wages.

By Dylan Matthews July 27, 2012