FDA: Plan B will be over the counter for women 15 and over

The Food and Drug Administration announced late Tuesday afternoon that it had approved a drugmaker's application to sell the emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step over-the-counter to women 15 and older.

By Sarah Kliff April 30, 2013

Arkansas vs. Roe v. Wade

Arkansas just passed the country's most restrictive abortion ban—and looks to be pioneering a new legal strategy to take down Roe v. Wade.

By Sarah Kliff March 6, 2013

The White House’s contraceptives compromise

The Obama administration won't require faith-based non-profits to cover contraceptives. It will require insurers to issue stand-alone birth control plans.

By Sarah Kliff and Michelle Boorstein February 1, 2013

CHARTS: How Roe v. Wade changed abortion rights

Abortion became a legal right in 1973. Since then, restrictions on abortion access have increased - while access to abortion providers has decreased. As Roe turns 40, a look back at 40 years of legal abortion.

By Sarah Kliff January 22, 2013