Inside Planned Parenthood’s campaign strategy

Planned Parenthood staked its hopes on targeting 1 million women it thought would be open to its message and bombarding them with phone calls, mail and canvassers.

By Sarah Kliff December 5, 2012

Surprise! The abortion rate just hit an all-time low.

A recent decline in the abortion rate likely has less to do with economic trends, as some have suggested, and potentially more about the more effective contraceptives women are increasingly using.

By Sarah Kliff November 23, 2012

Why pro-life groups still stand by Mourdock

Republican politicians quickly distanced themselves from the Indiana Senate candidate who said pregnancies resulting from rape are "something God intended to happen." Pro-life advocates have had the opposite reaction: They have doubled down on their support for the candidate.

By Sarah Kliff October 24, 2012

Romney v. Roe v. Wade

Mitt Romney would prefer that the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade. Not all anti-abortion activists agree.

By Sarah Kliff September 10, 2012

Four ways the president affects abortion rights

Romney said that abortion rights were a "matter of the courts." While the Supreme Court is the only body that can overturn Roe, presidents can still hold considerable sway on the issue.

By Sarah Kliff August 28, 2012

Abortion access in a post-Roe world

If the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, women living in the 31 states likely to ban abortion would travel an average of 157 miles to terminate a pregnancy.

By Sarah Kliff August 27, 2012

Who rejects abortion in the case of rape?

Only 20 percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in all situations. In certain demographics, however, the number stands much higher.

By Sarah Kliff August 22, 2012

Five thoughts on why Todd Akin matters

If you narrow the definition of rape to "forcible rape," and if you convince yourself that forcible rape doesn't result in pregnancies, then you can have an antiabortion bill that satisfies the public's desire for exceptions but doesn't lead to any actual exceptions. It's magical thinking, but it's magical thinking with a purpose.

By Ezra Klein August 22, 2012