Why you should read the Republican Party platform

A poll released this week by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press included an unexpected result: Americans said they were more interested in the party platforms released during the conventions than the speeches. They're right.

By Ezra Klein September 1, 2012

The GOP’s surprisingly loose convention

There was tremendous political talent on display at the Republican National Convention. But the surprise, for me at least, was how poorly scripted it was.

By Ezra Klein August 31, 2012

The trends behind Romney’s numbers

Romney didn't lie last night. Every one of his claims was true as he phrased it. But a viewer could be forgiven for thinking that poverty and inflation have been at unprecedented highs under Obama. They haven't.

By Dylan Matthews August 31, 2012

Romney’s speech: Where was the policy?

By my count, Barack Obama's 2008 convention speech spent 768 words describing his domestic and economic policies. Romney's speech spent 260 words. There was almost no mention -- and absolutely no description -- of his budget, tax, health care or Medicare plans.

By Ezra Klein August 31, 2012

A very strange argument for Mitt Romney

Chris Christie and Paul Ryan hit the same themes. We have hard choices facing us. We need leaders who won’t be deterred by the polls. Leaders who won’t duck the tough issues. Leaders who won’t hide the hard truths. Do any of these lines really sound like a description of Mitt Romney?

By Ezra Klein August 29, 2012

The 10 oddest items in the GOP platform

Any party platform is necessarily a compromise between a number of different interest groups. Inevitably, there are always some odd or puzzling policy items that make it in. Here are 10 of the more unexpected items inside this year's Republican platform.

The media gets convention coverage backward

We're sending 15,000 journalists to an event where, by and large, no real news is going to happen. It's a ridiculous use of journalistic talent. A party convention isn't where you need people skilled at gathering and uncovering new information. It's where you need cameras.

By Ezra Klein August 28, 2012

Wonkbook: Party interrupted

Hurricane Isaac will overtake the first day of the Republican convention, complicating Romney's efforts to reintroduce himself to the public and unite an increasingly fractious party.

By Ezra Klein August 27, 2012