INTERACTIVE: Make Mitt Romney’s tax plan add up!

Mitt Romney won't say how his tax plan adds up. Wonkblog created a tax policy calculator that lets you do the work for him. So go on, give it a try. Reform the tax code.

By Dylan Matthews and Ezra Klein October 31, 2012

Tax reform is going to be really, really hard

As polarized as Washington is over tax and budget issues, a base-broadening, rate-lowering tax-code overhaul has become the one policy every wonk in town can agree on. But that's usually because they haven't run the numbers.

By Ezra Klein August 10, 2012

The regressivity of across-the-board rate cuts

Romney can take some solace in knowing his allies in Congress have proposed a plan that shifts the burden from high-income to middle-income taxpayers even more dramatically.

By Dylan Matthews August 1, 2012