Honestly, Obama’s tax hike is pretty small

Doing nothing: $5.4 trillion. Passing Simpson-Bowles: $2.6 trillion. Passing Obama's tax plan: $1.6 trillion. In context, Obama's tax hike just isn't that large.

By Ezra Klein December 13, 2012

11 shocking, true facts about Simpson-Bowles

Did you know Simpson-Bowles has $2.6 trillion in tax increases? Or that it taxes capital gains as ordinary income? Or that it cuts deeper into defense than the sequester? Or that it raises the gas tax by 15 cents? These, and other amazing facts, inside.

By Ezra Klein December 4, 2012

The White House reveals their tax math

A funny thing happened on the way to the tax debate: We started talking about "math" rather than policy. And just because something works on a calculator doesn't mean it will work as law.

By Ezra Klein November 29, 2012

Grover Norquist is winning

Don't take Norquist's pledge at face value. It's an absurdity. From a budgetary standpoint, it's an obscenity. And everyone -- Norquist included, because he is very, very smart -- knew it would eventually fall. It's how it falls that matters. And right now, it's falling exactly according to plan.

By Ezra Klein November 28, 2012

Sorry, Washington: Tax reform won’t do much for growth

The Washington consensus on tax reform is that it'll solve all our problems: It slices, it dices, it cleans up after itself. But that’s not the economic profession’s consensus. If income tax reform solves any problem, it's a political one, not an economic one.

By Ezra Klein November 16, 2012

White House rejects Boehner’s tax deal

Many people thought we were seeing the outline of a deal: Republicans agree to raise revenues so long as they get the fig leaf of holding rates steady, or potentially even lowering them. The White House is saying the deal won't work.

By Ezra Klein November 14, 2012

INTERACTIVE: Make Mitt Romney’s tax plan add up!

Mitt Romney won't say how his tax plan adds up. Wonkblog created a tax policy calculator that lets you do the work for him. So go on, give it a try. Reform the tax code.

By Dylan Matthews and Ezra Klein October 31, 2012

Chuck Schumer: Democrats have tax reform all wrong

"When Republicans say the first thing you do when you do deficit reduction is reduce rates," Sen. Chuck Schumer tells me, "it would be like Democrats saying the first thing you do when you do deficit reduction is provide free Medicare at age 55. We’d like to do that! But it won’t bring the deficit down.

By Ezra Klein October 20, 2012

Obama’s plan: Push Republicans off the fiscal cliff

After promising in 2008 to bring about a new era of cooperation in Washington, Obama is campaigning in 2012 knowing that, if reelected, he will start his second term with a brutal, economy-shaking showdown with Republicans over spending and taxes.

By Ezra Klein October 18, 2012