How Obama moved the tax debate to the right

Obama won that election and with it, many thought, the argument over taxes. But a few short months later, the "center" on taxes appears to have shifted to the right.

By Ezra Klein February 21, 2013

Hey, America! Republicans want to raise your taxes

The big lie of the fiscal cliff is that the argument is between Democrats who want to raise your taxes and Republicans who want to cut your taxes. That's wrong. Republicans want to raise taxes on more people than the White House does.

By Ezra Klein December 27, 2012

For Republicans, it’s not about deficit reduction

"Tax hikes are real in these deals, but the spending cut promises are a fraud, plain and simple," says Grover Norquist's group. That's wrong on both counts. But there's a reason conservatives keep saying it.

By Ezra Klein December 24, 2012

Honestly, Obama’s tax hike is pretty small

Doing nothing: $5.4 trillion. Passing Simpson-Bowles: $2.6 trillion. Passing Obama's tax plan: $1.6 trillion. In context, Obama's tax hike just isn't that large.

By Ezra Klein December 13, 2012