WonkTalk: Ezra vs. Twitter

In today's WonkTalk, Brad and I talk through my war on Twitter, and some possible peace agreements.

By Ezra Klein April 2, 2013

The problem with Twitter

Nick Beaudrot gave up Twitter for Lent. But now Lent's over. So is he excited to fire up the old Tweetdeck? Nope. And I see his point.

By Ezra Klein April 1, 2013

Google’s trust problem

Do you really want to be the sucker who spent endless hours using a new Google tool to organize your life, only to see it canceled two years later?

By Ezra Klein March 21, 2013

Aaron Swartz, American hero

The bullying prosecution of Aaron Swartz might be a sign that we're losing the tolerance for dissent, irreverence, and disrespect for authorities that made this country great.

By Tim Lee January 12, 2013

There will someday no longer be a great stagnation

There are one of two ways to look at the digital revolution of the last few years. The first way is that it hasn't done much for the real economy. The second way is that it hasn't done much for the real economy yet. But maybe Square will change all that.

By Ezra Klein September 27, 2012