WonkTalk: Ezra vs. Twitter

In today's WonkTalk, Brad and I talk through my war on Twitter, and some possible peace agreements.

By Ezra Klein April 2, 2013

The problem with Twitter

Nick Beaudrot gave up Twitter for Lent. But now Lent's over. So is he excited to fire up the old Tweetdeck? Nope. And I see his point.

By Ezra Klein April 1, 2013

Senate tweets in one chart

Today, xkcd had some fun at the expense of our less formal Senators: This made me wonder - what do Senators actually tweet about? So I wrote a Python script to scrape every Senate's last 20 tweets so I could analyze them. Here are the most commonly used words, filtering out both common words like "and" or "the" and URL contents like "http" and "www".

By Dylan Matthews July 18, 2012