Rick Perry opened a speech Thursday with a detailed account of the lynching of Jesse Washington in 1916.

The rest of the world is busily calling them naïve and incompetent. But what if they've already won?

The New Jersey governor had a chance to shorten the average rail commute over the Hudson River, but he turned it down.

A 1920 law calls the Jones Act is making the island's economic problems worse.

The minimum wage might be too low in the rest of the country, but it's probably too high for Puerto Rico.

If the Supreme Court says that gay marriage is a constitutional right, religious schools that don't recognize same-sex relationships could have to pay.

The Louisiana governor, who said he is running for president days before the Supreme Court is likely to rule on Obamacare, has a secret weapon.

Not that long ago, law enforcement might have ignored a crime like the killing in Charleston.

The trade deal's opponents bluffed in the House, and senators who support the plan are calling them on it.

If Europe and Greece can't get a deal this week, the country might have to return the drachma -- and there's no telling what would happen next.

After months of what her rival Bernie Sanders called "fence-sitting," the former secretary of state has said how she'd vote.

The pope says being a Catholic means respect for the world's poor and for the natural world. Global warming puts both at risk.

The Senate amendment would clarify just what U.S. interrogators are allowed to do.

Jeb Bush said that the next president will pass immigration reform, but Congress might be stuck on the issue for a while.

The former Florida governor's announcement is the start of a busy week in politics.

The trade votes will be important ones for President Obama, but do they mean anything for the economy?

Bush hasn't formally announced a presidential campaign, but his advisers already have had squabbles.

The next three weeks will reveal the outcome of negotiations with Iran, the Supreme Court's health care deliberations, and Obama's trade agenda in Congress.

Are the changes at HSBC a sign that behemoth, multinational banks are in trouble?

Official productivity statistics are declining, but it's not clear why.

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