Fact-checking Obama’s speech

President Obama's big moment came tonight as he accepted the Democratic nomination for reelection in Charlotte. But did his assertions check out? The Wonkteam looked into it.

By Suzy Khimm, Sarah Kliff, and Dylan Matthews September 7, 2012

Bill Clinton’s speech (in graphs)

Bill Clinton delivered a 48 minute speech last night, longer than any other prime time speakers we've seen at either party's convention this year. But it was only half the time he spent speaking at the 1996 convention.

By Sarah Kliff September 6, 2012

The Clinton economy, in charts

Former president Bill Clinton is speaking at the Democratic National Convention tonight, and is sure to spark a lot of commentary about the contrast between the economic boom times of the Clinton administration and the stop and start recovery of the past four years. But what actually was Clinton's economic record?

By Dylan Matthews September 5, 2012

The trends behind Romney’s numbers

Romney didn't lie last night. Every one of his claims was true as he phrased it. But a viewer could be forgiven for thinking that poverty and inflation have been at unprecedented highs under Obama. They haven't.

By Dylan Matthews August 31, 2012