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Egyptian forces raid pro-Morsi camps

Security forces fire guns and tear gas while knocking down tents to arrest protesters from a pair of Cairo sit-ins in support of ousted president Mohamed Morsi. Post’s Abigail Hauslohner is reporting from Cairo. You can read her report here, and follow her on Twitter.

Watch live video feed from Cairo on Al Jazeera Mubasher-Misr (in Arabic).

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Security forces storm pro-Morsi camps

At dawn, Egyptian forces stormed two separate sit-ins by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, by using armored vehicles, firearms, beating and arresting protesters. Post’s Abigail Hauslohner reports:

Black-clad riot police moved into the camps at about 7 a.m., confronting protesters as armored vehicles plowed through tents amid large clouds of white and black smoke that appeared to come from fires and tear gas canisters.

Police directed heavy gunfire at protesters near the main pro-Morsi sit-in site outside the Rabaa al-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo’s Nasr City district. Streets were filled with tear gas fired by the security forces, and police, some wearing full black face masks to conceal their identities, marched through the nearby streets with weapons ready as many people tried to flee.

Islam Fahti, a 20-year-old university student from the Nile delta town of Mansoura, was among the Morsi supporters who had manned a sandbag perimeter overnight. He said the protesters were taken by surprise by the security forces’ attack, which arrived through sides streets in the area.

Ahmed Al-Ansari, a senior health ministry official, said as many as nine people were killed and 50 injured at the two sit-ins. But the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, which backs Mohamed Morsi, has claimed more than 2,000 people died.


Anup Kaphle
August 14, 8:22 am
  • Anup Kaphle August 14, 8:22 am
Alastair Beach

Corridors at Rabaa Mosque hospital filled with dead and dying. As one body is stretchered to morgue, others brought in

Via Twitter
August 14, 8:24 am
Abigail Hauslohner

Saw young men cart out four wounded men on metal carts frm Rabaa Twd police cordon. At cordon saw truck w several bloodied prisoners inside

Via Twitter
August 14, 8:24 am
Abigail Hauslohner

As we crouched in alley, heard protesters chant "w life, w blood, we sacrifice for Islam." Then police opened up w heavy barrages of gunfire

Via Twitter
August 14, 8:25 am

Video: Forces clearing Nahda square with bulldozers

A video posted on YouTube by El Badil TV shows bulldozers headed toward the Nahda square camp where Morsi supporters are camped out. The bulldozers are seen tearing apart the camps while police fire tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Anup Kaphle
August 14, 8:36 am
  • Anup Kaphle August 14, 8:36 am

AP: Health Ministry says 56 dead

Distressing images of the dead are coming from Cairo. The Independent’s Alistair Beach is posting a number of images (which some of you may find graphic) on his Twitter feed.

Anup Kaphle
August 14, 8:50 am
  • Anup Kaphle August 14, 8:50 am

Sky News journalist Michael Deane fatally shot

Sky News has confirmed that its cameraman Michael Deane was shot and killed in Cairo this morning.

From the official statement:

Mick had worked for Sky for 15 years, based in Washington and then Jerusalem.

He was part of our team covering the violence in Cairo. The rest of the team are unhurt.

The Head of Sky News John Ryley described Mick as the very best of cameramen, a brilliant journalist and an inspiring mentor to many at Sky.

Here is a tribute from Sky News, posted on YouTube. “Mickey Deane to all of us, brave as a lion, what a heart, what a human being…”

British Prime Minister David Cameron was quick to offer his condolences on Twitter.


Anup Kaphle
August 14, 9:17 am
  • Anup Kaphle August 14, 9:17 am

Commercial banks ordered to close

Ayman Moyheldin from NBC News says Egypt’s Central Bank has ordered all commercial banks to close on Thursday.

Ahram Online reports that the banks closed their doors at noon on Wednesday, after the Central Bank decided to close the institutions located near areas of clashes.

Anup Kaphle
August 14, 9:28 am
  • Anup Kaphle August 14, 9:28 am

Brotherhood politician's daughter killed

Mohamed el-Beltagi, one of Muslim Brotherhood’s leading politicians and a sit-in participant, has confirmed that his 17-year-old daughter, Asmaa, was killed this morning, according to the BBC’s Paul Danahar.

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad el-Haddad posted a photo of Asmaa Beltagi on Twitter.

Mada Masr, an English news website based in Egypt, reports that Asmaa Beltagi suffered gunshots to the chest.

Anup Kaphle
August 14, 9:41 am
  • Anup Kaphle August 14, 9:41 am

State of emergency declared

Al-Jazeera’s Rawya Rageh reports that the Egyptian presidency has declared a state of emergency for one month, starting 4 p.m. local time on Wednesday.


Anup Kaphle
August 14, 9:51 am
  • Anup Kaphle August 14, 9:51 am
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