Two German businessmen are on a daring mission to save migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean

They bought a ship for $162,000 to patrol the Mediterranean Sea.

Saudi Arabia’s hostile relationship with Russia is leaving Egypt stuck in the middle

"He speaks about the problems in the Middle East as though Russia is not influencing these problems," Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says of Vladimir Putin.

Islamists hack another blogger to death in Bangladesh

The incident comes just a month after a prominent Bangladeshi American writer was killed in a similar assault.

Watch: A wild rhino wreaks havoc in a town in Nepal

"Our focus is to rescue it," a local police officer said.

China jails a Muslim for six years — for refusing to shave his beard

Critics say crude attempts to wean Uighurs away from conservative Islam could backfire.

How Yemen was once Egypt’s Vietnam

Egypt says it's willing to send in armed forces to Yemen. Given its history, it should probably think again.

Who are the two candidates running to become the president of Nigeria?

The two leading candidates are starkly different.

A new Chinese anti-corruption drive has an unfortunate name in English

It's called "Sky Net" — like in the "Terminator" series.

Iranian President Rouhani trumps the supreme leader — on Twitter, at least

But don't expect him to follow you.

Pakistan’s long history of fighting Saudi Arabia’s wars

Pakistan may not join Saudi Arabia's Yemen campaign, but it has a long history of military involvement in the region.

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