Austrian actor complains of harassment at the U.S. border because of his Arab name

"Their tone of voice always sounds like: Shut up!"

Here are your CliffsNotes for the Netanyahu speech

Here's why Netanyahu thinks nuclear deal with Iran is "bad."

The case against Netanyahu’s speech to Congress

What a host of critics in Israel and the United States have said about Netanyahu's speech to Congress.

Sweden blocks plan to honor woman who hit a neo-Nazi with a purse

Danuta Danielsson became an icon in 1985. But does her action promote violence?

What Star Trek’s Mr. Spock taught us about foreign policy

Leonard Nimoy's character was a key part of the Star Trek's idealist vision.

Watch: Israeli politician’s awkward imitation of Frank Underwood from ‘House of Cards’

Former ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren tries to sound like Kevin Spacey's scheming character.

Why an American blogger was hacked to death in Bangladesh

A prominent Bangladeshi-American blogger was murdered in Dhaka because of his secular views on religion, particularly Islam.

John Legend took a strong, moral stand at the Oscars. Now he’s performing in Bahrain.

"I hope that you will think deeply about the implications of performing in a country like today's Bahrain, where the violence of an unaccountable police against peaceful protestors mirrors everything against which you have spoken out at home."

After South Korea legalizes adultery, stock value of condom manufacturer spikes

In the past, South Koreans could face up to two years in prison for affairs.

The Obama-Netanyahu fight over Iran, explained

The White House sees a controversial speech before Congress by the Israeli prime minister as a deliberate attempt to undermine U.S.-Iran negotiations.

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