Nepal’s famous Dharahara Tower becomes site for selfies after devastating earthquake

"They are more interested in clicking their selfies than understanding that it is a tragedy," a disgusted onlooker said.

These twerking Russians just set off a patriotic firestorm

If you're going to twerk in Russia, don't do it next to a World War II memorial.

How to help the victims of Nepal’s devastating earthquake

Here is a list of vetted charities that are on the ground helping in Nepal.

Nepal earthquake reduces World Heritage sites to rubble

The sites were some of the country's most popular tourist attractions.

An ultra-nationalist Russian biker gang is invading Europe, and Poland isn’t happy

The Night Wolves, as they are known, are friendly with Vladimir Putin.

On the centennial of Armenian massacres, Turkey commemorates a WWI battle

On the same day Armenians remembered what many say was a genocide, Turkey commemorated a different event altogether.

It wasn’t just the Armenians: The other 20th century massacres we ignore

The 20th century was bloody and violent, and while some horrors are at least relatively well-known, others have become mere footnotes in history.

China to citizens: Stop hiring strippers for funerals

It's been a tradition for decades in some parts of the country.

Why Israel does not recognize the Armenian ‘genocide’

The home of victims of the Holocaust has an awkward view of what happened to Armenians in 1915.

Why Britain’s anti-immigration candidate prefers Indians to Eastern Europeans

Nigel Farage prefers people from the Commonwealth to others from the European Union.

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