First reports on Algerian raid

The Algerian military has assaulted the gas field in an operation that, according to an Algerian government statement over the radio, has rescued some hostages but resulted in some deaths as well. These reports, which appear in the New York Times. Wall Street Journal, and Reuters are preliminary and have not been confirmed by sources outside of the Algerian government.

Reuters also reports that the Algerian state news agency says that the military operation has ended.

Here, from the Times, are some quotes from the Algerian radio announcement translated into English:

The operation resulted in the neutralization of a large number of terrorists and the liberation of a considerable number of hostages,” [Communications Minister Mohand Saïd] Oublaïd said. “Unfortunately, we deplore also the death of some, as well as some who were wounded. We do not have final numbers.”

He also said “the operation is ongoing, given the complexity of the site, to liberate the rest of the hostages and those who are trapped inside.”

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