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Don’t text Jesus in Pakistan? Possible ban list contains more than 1,000 words

“Do not forget to strap on your helmet before getting on your motorcycle.” “I got the tickets for Twilight. Hurry up or you’ll miss showtime!” “This teacher is so boring. She’s killing me.”
Next week, these text messages could be banned in Pakistan.

Do the above sentences seem innocuous? Harmless perhaps? If a proposed ban passes in Pakistan, none of the above sentences could be sent as text messages.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) compiled a list of over 1,000 words, the majority in English, that they deem “pornographic or offensive to Islam,” Newsweek Pakistan reported.

A document online that purports to be the banned word list reads like a primer on junior-high-level sex slang with some surprising additions, including the terms “Juggalo” and “Jesus Christ” (who knew the Insane Clown Posse had a following in Pakistan?).

On Monday, Newsweek reports mobile operators postponed implementing the ban, saying they needed further clarification, but that the ban could take place within a week’s time.

On Twitter, users have started construing possible text messages that would be banned under the regulations. ““My donkey refuses to cart the milk. He is such a bad ass,” one reads.

Update: Deadspin put together that the list circulating with the banned words was likely the NFL words that cannot appear on a jersey. There still is a PTA banned word list, but “Neon Deon” likely isn’t a phrase used often in Pakistan. That explains the Juggalo.

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