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iPhone 5 coming? The wait for the ‘one’ gadget goes on and on (#nogogadget)

If the phone still works, the wait goes on. (ANDREW HEINING)
Let’s just admit it right up front. This post is not about the heavy burdens of the world: the unemployment rate, the death toll in Afghanistan, the struggles of protesters in the streets of Syria. No, this is a post about a problem that isn’t really a problem. Only we’ve somehow convinced ourselves it is a problem: that prolonged wait for a new technological toy.

Monica Hesse writes: “Modern humans of the Western variety have always been taught to wait for The One. But what are you supposed to do in a world where there is always a Next One waiting, and One More after that?”

It is a pathetic plight, but it is a plight nonetheless. And I admit, we at The Post are not immune to it. We also suffer from what sociologists dub “analysis paralysis” — when a consumer is so overwhelmed by choices they cannot move forward.

Post mobile editor Andrew Heining, despite his job at the forefront of mobile newsgathering, has one of the sorriest-looking phones in the building.

Here’s his sad tale of waiting woe:

“When the iPhone 3GS was announced a year after I bought my iPhone 3G, I decided I’d wait until a more substantial update before upgrading.

“The iPhone 4 came out a year later, as expected, but I wanted a white one and manufacturing delays kept it from being  released until a few months ago.

“At that point – in April – I thought it’d be silly to pay full retail price for a phone that had been out for essentially a year, especially with an expected iPhone update on the horizon. I decided to wait for iPhone 5.

“A couple days later, I dropped my phone in a parking lot. It was still usable (despite its worse-for-wear look — see above photo), so the same rationale held true: I only had to wait until June for the ‘scheduled’ update.

“Fast-forward four months, and every day I field questions about why I still have such an old, busted-up phone.”

I know Andrew’s not alone. Let us know what gadget you’re waiting for — and what gadgets you’re holding on to in the meantime.

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#nogogadget I have a beat up Samsung that's a "child's phone" that I've had for 2+ years. Waiting for an android or iphone5Thu Sep 01 16:04:46 via web

@washingtonpost I am still waiting for somethign works like a #Palm as #HP is killing it off :'( #nogogadgetThu Sep 01 16:26:57 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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