Today’s reads: China’s housing bubble, Palestine’s third party

February 27, 2013

This post is part of a recurring feature in which I’ll share some of what I’m reading today. It’s meant to highlight some of the best foreign affairs coverage from other media outlets, blogs, academic institutions and think tanks. It’s also meant to give you a sense of what might end up driving the foreign policy conversations for the day. I hope you enjoy it and check back tomorrow.

1) Financial Times: Gap widens in China's property market

Now even Rui Chenggang, the bombastically nationalistic CCTV host who can typically find no wrong in the party's stewardship, is warning "a huge real estate bubble in third- and fourth-tier cities in China."

2) Al-Monitor: Demand grows for third party in Palestinian elections

More Palestinians are calling for another choice beyond Hamas and Fatah. But what would it stand for?

3) NKNews: Truth, lies and propaganda: The hoax that backfired

Last year, a South Korean man living in New Zealand pretended to be a pro-North Korean philosophy professor for a New Zealand-made mockumentary called "Propaganda." But the film was received as real in South Korea and in New Zealand's Korean community, which have treated the well-meaning man as a foreign agent and turned his life upside down.

4) Slate: Rare color photos of 1960s Chinese operas

Fantastic photos.

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