Typhoon Neoguri has swept across Japan. Here is what it looks like from space.

Typhoon Neoguri (European Space Agency/NASA)

Just how big is Typhoon Neoguri? So big that even astronauts are taking note.

"Just went right above Supertyphoon Neoguri," Alexander Gerst, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, wrote on Flickr this week. "It is ENORMOUS. Watch out, Japan!"

Gerst took a few photos of the storm this week, posting the shots online. We've reposted some below:

(European Space Agency/NASA)

(European Space Agency/NASA)

(European Space Agency/NASA)

(European Space Agency/NASA)

Neoguri, which on Tuesday lashed Japan's Okinawa islands, has caused at least one death, according to the Wall Street Journal, and left several injured. Airports have closed, thousands are without power, and evacuations are underway, according to reports.

You can check out the full set of Neoguri photos here and find Gerst on Twitter here.

Sarah Larimer is a general assignment reporter for the Washington Post.
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