Watch: Israel bombs secret tunnel to halt infiltration by Gaza militants

The Israel Defense Forces released a video on Thursday that they claim shows a tunnel that Hamas militants planned to use to attack Israel. (YouTube/The Israel Defense Forces)


Before the five-hour humanitarian true between Israel and Gaza, there was a move made by Israelis: the bombing of tunnel in Israel.

Israeli forces bombed what they called the "terror tunnel," located under the Gaza border. The military bombed an opening of the tunnel, 250 yards inside Israel. The move reportedly prevented what could have been a "devastating" attack.

The video above, released by Israel Defense Forces, shows what IDF says is the tunnel opening and the targeted bombing of the tunnel. Thirteen men armed with weapons are seen entering a hole in the ground, followed by smoke.

This is where the tunnel is located (estimate):


Israel bombs ‘terror tunnel,’ foils possible hit

Swati Sharma is a digital editor for World and National Security and previously worked at the Boston Globe.
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