How a tribal king sparked deadly violence in South Africa

A xenophobic demand that foreigners pack up and go prefigured a bloody wave of violence.

The never-ending tragedy of Nigeria’s missing schoolgirls

Nigeria marks one year since the disappearance of the Chibok schoolgirls.

Report: Boko Haram has forced nearly a million kids from their homes

The destruction wrought by the radical Islamist group is being revealed, with the United Nations now saying that the fighting has displaced 800,000 children as well as many adults.

I’ve seen the Taliban’s brutality in Afghanistan. Boko Haram might be worse.

A visit to northeastern Nigeria reveals a level of destruction unlike anything I saw in southeastern Afghanistan.

What’s behind the return of al-Shabab, the terror group that killed at least 147 people in Kenya?

Despite the fight against it, al-Shabab was able to pull off Kenya's largest terror attack in almost two decades.

Two German businessmen are on a daring mission to save migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean

They bought a ship for $162,000 to patrol the Mediterranean Sea.

Who are the two candidates running to become the president of Nigeria?

The two leading candidates are starkly different.

4 reasons you should care about Nigeria’s election

Nigeria is Africa's most populous and oil-rich country, and the elections may affect not just this country but others in West Africa.

The area in Tunisia where ‘Star Wars’ was filmed is said to be a ‘way-station’ for jihadists

It's more bad news for Tunisia's struggling tourist industry.

This Chinese restaurant in Kenya is open for dinner, as long as you’re not African

This is not exactly a great sign for Chinese soft power.

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