North America

These people drew Muhammad, and nobody got upset

A response to Islamophobia: Draw people you know who share the name of the prophet.

Why the U.S. base at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay is probably doomed

If the U.S. gives up Guantanamo, what would it lose?

Some politicians appear to be phonies. This Canadian Conservative really was.

A "performance artist" somehow became an electoral candidate.

The strange trend of Mexican thieves stealing radioactive material by accident

A five-state alert is on after Mexican thieves steal radioactive material.

After 33 years, the U.S. dropped its claim that Cuba sponsors terrorism. Here’s what it means.

A bureaucratic changing of status means a great deal for U.S.-Cuba relations.

The U.S. and Cuba will soon agree to reopen their embassies. Here’s what happens next.

Q&A on what it means that U.S. will reopen its embassy in Havana.

Cubans love the pope and the Catholic Church, but they’re just not that into religion

Survey finds a surprisingly low level of Catholic identity.

Is the New Generation becoming the most powerful cartel in Mexico?

With a police massacre this week, the New Generation cartel has become one of the most feared drug gangs in Mexico.

Why Latin America makes a point of not toeing the Washington line

Why Latin America diplomacy is tough for the U.S.

Do Cubans like the Castros?

A rare survey tests the popularity of Cuba's current and former leaders.

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